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One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show is getting to talk to, and to hear fascinating stories, and insightful perspectives from business leaders and communications experts. Here are the episodes, to date, for you to listen.


Geoff Morrell

Geoff Morrell is the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of The Walt Disney Company, former EVP of Communications and Advocacy at bp, former ABC News White House Correspondent, and the former Pentagon spokesperson. Morrell joined The Business Communicators in season one to discuss his unique career path while sharing advice to succeed in the communications space. Listen here.

Tonia Ries

Tonia Ries, the Global Executive Director of Intellectual Property at Edelman and steward of the Edelman Trust Barometer, joined The Business Communicators to discuss the firm’s annual report and new ways corporations can effectively rebuild trust with their stakeholders. Listen here.

Daniel Vaughn

Daniel Vaughn is the barbecue editor at Texas Monthly and he is the ultimate barbecue snob. He joins The Business Communicators to talk about the science of BBQ, his unique career path, the importance of following your passion, and why brand and audience engagement is crucial to maintain small business success. Listen here.

Taylor Bisciotti

Taylor Bisciotti is a reporter for the NFL Network — and the youngest female on-air personality ever hired by the network. She joins The Business Communicators to share her insight on breaking into a male-dominated industry, and the NFL’s shift to embracing digital content to enhance their reach with a new audience of fans. Listen here.

Diana Doukas

Diana Doukas is the Manager for Economic Impact for U.S. Policy Programs at Facebook. She joined The Business Communicators podcast for a conversation on the state of small businesses in the U.S., how Facebook pivoted during the pandemic, and the steps the company is taking to limit the spread of misinformation and privacy concerns on the platform. Listen here.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a New York Times bestselling author, a sought-after keynote speaker, and has consulted with the biggest Fortune 100 brands. He joined The Business Communicators to share the truth about authentic leaders, his insights on brand strategy, and why real stories sell. Listen here.

Sara Fischer

Axios Media Reporter and author of Axios Media Trends, Sara Fischer, joined The Business Communicators to unwrap the keys to success for today’s communicators in cultivating digital media. Listen here.

Michael Nord

The Fifth Business’ Client Partnership Director and former IABC Executive Board Member, Michael Nord, joined The Business Communicators to discuss why identifying the influencers inside your organization is the ‘ultimate strategy.’ Listen here.

Renzi Stone

Saxum Founder and CEO, Renzi Stone, joined The Business Communicators to share his perspective on why adapting to change in an age of constant technology advances is critical in the communications profession. Listen here.

David Carroll

David Carroll, associate professor at Parsons School of Design and a key subject on the original Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, joined The Business Communicators to look behind the curtain at the mass amounts of data collected by today’s corporations, governments, and media sectors around the world. Listen here.

Shiv Malik

Shiv Malik, Head of Growth at Streamr, is the first two-time guest of The Business Communicators. He joined the show in season one to discuss the state of journalism in democratic states, his transition to corporate communications, and the innovative approach his company Streamr is taking to give individuals ownership of their personal data.

In season two, Malik, the former investigative journalist for The Guardian, joined the show to bring listeners up to speed on data unions (and what they are) and how consumers are inching closer to owning their personal data.

Preacher Lawson

Preacher Lawson, a comedian and alum from America’s Got Talent and the star of Get To Know Me on BET Plus, joined The Business Communicators ahead of his national tour stop in Houston to share his story of perseverance and drive to achieve his goals, and how these life lessons can be applied to the professional world. Listen here.

Mike Berland

Mike Berland, the founder and CEO of Decode M, an insights and strategy firm based in New York, joined The Business Communicators to discuss maintaining momentum in a chaos-driven world, data analytics, digital innovation by the professional sports leagues and brands that have pivoted successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen here.

Emmanuel Sanders

NFL All-Pro Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders joined the show to talk about his partnership with TRU RED to launch their Expert Notetaking Collection of writing journals and pens for entrepreneurs to bring their most creative ideas to life. Listen here.

Jamey Rootes

Jamey Rootes, the former President of the Houston Texans and international best-selling author of The Winning Game Plan, joined The Business Communicators to drop some knowledge about the quintessential leadership playbook for continuous business success. Jamey also discusses his close relationship with former Texans’ owner Bob McNair, and why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you can “rip off & do better.” Listen here.

Diane Schwartz

As CEO of Ragan Communications, Diane Schwartz leads a company that has become a trusted resource for the PR and corporate communications industry for more than five decades. She joined The Business Communicators to share insight on the state of communications in 2021, why communicators aren’t given a seat the c-suite table, and whether certification program’s through IABC and PRSA can truly elevate your career. Listen here.

Jodi-Ann Burey

Jodi-Ann Burey (she/her) has a mission to disrupt “business as usual” to achieve social change. She is a sought-after speaker and writer who works at the intersections of race, culture, and health equity. She joined The Business Communicators to discuss the myth of bringing your authentic self to work. Listen here.

Phil Morabito

Pierpont Communications’ Founder & CEO, Phil Morabito, joined The Business Communicators to explore the industry shift impacting our individual competitive edge – and more importantly, to address how to conduct a SWOT analysis to ‘up the ante’ on your personal brand. Listen here.

Joe Householder

Public affairs veteran and Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Managing Director, Joe Householder, joined The Business Communicators to weigh in on the evolution of the media, the current political landscape, and the rise of fake news. Listen here.

Bill Salvin

Bill Salvin, Founder and President at Signal Bridge, joined The Business Communicators to recount his lessons learned and to share nuances of communicating in a crisis, bringing his vast PR insight from the U.S. Navy Reserves to the oil and gas industry. Listen here.

Jeremiah Davis

Jeremiah Davis, known by his personal brand as ‘That One Blond Kid’ (or ‘TOBK’), joined The Business Communicators to share his personal experience in entrepreneurship – from the beginning of his career in cold-contacting wildly successful creators, to now producing major projects for retail and music brands such as Adidas, MVMT, MTV and The Chainsmokers. Listen here.

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan, a Senior National Correspondent at CNBC, joined The Business Communicators to cover all things ‘media’ in 2020. Drawing from his 20 years of financial journalism and television experience, Brian shared his insights from the field in facing today’s media affairs challenges, ever-changing communications platforms, and the continuously evolving landscape of the industry in which today’s business communicators work. Listen here.

Judge Ed Emmett

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett joined The Business Communicators to share insights into government and corporate response, working remotely, and the importance of maintaining a focus on mental health for you and your family. Listen here.

Brandon Leake

America’s Got Talent champion Brandon Leake joined The Business Communicators to discuss his inspirations and why he got started in the art of spoken word and poetry, his motivations as a communicator to share personal and authentic stories, his role in positively impacting those from underrepresented communities, and tools of his trade that can help any communicator improve their skills. Listen here.

Bonnie Caver

Bonnie Caver, chair of the International Executive Board for IABC, joined The Business Communicators to break down the state of the comms industry, and more. Listen here.


Kyle Featherstone, better known by his stage name Feather, is a producer and DJ from Nashville who released his latest EP, Becoming, on Jan. 13. He joined The Business Communicators to break down digital media and its impact on dance music and his career. Listen here.


I love a new podcast and have found this one to be very interesting. They cover a wide range of topics that I care about. As a communicator, I love to hear from others. Sharing ideas and best practices help my professional development.

Todd Gregory

As professional communicators, we can only get better at our craft if we share our best practices with each other. This is an incredibly resourceful community and I cannot wait to hear what we will in store for you.

Hayley Ross

Great inaugural episode with Sara Fischer from Axios! In addition to tackling challenges rising from the weaponization of social media, the podcast offers actionable suggestions on ways to address the issue. I wonder about other listeners’ response to the question: “Is social media a net good for society?”

Andrew Van Chau

This podcast holds great promise. It will pique your interest if you care about how we communicate in business. I’ll be checking in regularly.

John Harris

Are you interested in joining an upcoming episode? Let’s connect!

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