The Business Communicators are proud of the value sponsors bring to both the show and sponsoring organizations.

Additionally, The Business Communicators are happy to consider your sugges­tions as to how we can best represent your brand to our audience. 

The Business Communicators will work with sponsors to avoid conflicts of inter­est. To discuss your interest in partnering with the podcast, contact us today.

IABC Houston

IABC Houston is part of a global network of 10,000 business communication professionals in more than 70 countries who are committed to improving personal and professional growth as well as organizational effectiveness through strategic communications. 


Pierpont is the largest independent PR, marketing, digital and integrated public affairs firm in Texas, serving clients regionally, nationally and globally.  For over 30 years, Pierpont has represented the country’s most influential brands in energy, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial, technology, retail and more.

Mykrantz & Co.

Mykrantz & Co. has more than 35 years of experience in employee communication and communication consulting leadership roles. They understand the dynamics of communication within organizations and the bottom-line advantages that it can create when effectively planned, executed and sustained. In both corporate and consulting roles, they craft and deliver strategic communication that produces measurable financial results. 

Let’s build something together.

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