Trust, But Verify; Why Do We Work While Sick?

CNN Business report says that Americans are showing up sick to work even as Omicron spreads. Why? Millions of frontline employees can’t stay home without missing a paycheck and many don’t have paid sick leave. The Business Communicators discusses why this is a problem and offers potential solutions to keep workers healthy and safe.

Who can you trust or is trust overrated? 

Let’s talk about trust. The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer dropped last week, and it reports that trust in government and media is sinking further into the void. 

The Trust Barometer reported that people trusted their CEOs more than government and wanted their business leaders to voice more opinion in societal issues. A number of business executives received promotions and the pressure to deliver is high. 

Is this a valid expectation? Should Business influence government decisions? Also, trust in the media corroded in the wake of ‘fake news,’ readers have plethora of mediums for their media consumption.  

Listen up as Austin, Hattie, and Thomas provide their key takeaways on the annual report.

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