Championing Effective Work Environments w/ WoodMac’s Nicole Braley

Navigating today’s business environment isn’t easy—but it’s not the first time we’ve been forced to rethink our strategies for success. Wood Mackenzie’s Nicole Braley, VP of Marketing for the Americas, joins The Business Communicators podcast for an engaging discussion on rethinking the workplace in the “new normal.”

The work-from-home environment provides challenges but also opportunities for business success. Fear and uncertainty are powerful movers, but business communication professionals need to focus on facilitating connections. The good news is – this is up to you. Yes, each of us has a role to play in championing the most inclusive and effective work environment in this ‘new normal.’ Nicole shares her strategies and tactics that you can immediately implement in reaching a remote and diverse workforce as we all are forced to rethink the workplace in 2020.

Published by Austin Staton

Austin currently works with the Communications and Advocacy team at bp, is the immediate past president for IABC Houston, and is the founder of two podcasts — The Business Communicators and The Weekly Brew.

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