The Fight for Privacy and Taking Ownership of your Personal Data

Shiv Malik, Head of Growth at Streamr, makes his second appearance on The Business Communicators podcast. Has progress been made on the data privacy front in the last 10 months? Shiv brings listeners up to speed on data unions (and what they are) and how consumers are inching closer to owning their personal data.

Shiv, a former investigative journalist at The Guardian, then offers insights on Silicon Valley’s monopolization of user data, how legislation in the EU and U.S. could benefit communicators and consumers alike, and why Chinese-owned apps like TikTok are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data privacy. 

Then, Chris Mykrantz, founder of Mykrantz & Co., joins the podcast to discuss navigating a post COVID-19 world as communicators and why now is an opportunity to reset your communications strategy and help your organization understand the “new normal.” 

Published by Austin Staton

Austin currently works with the Communications and Advocacy team at bp, is the immediate past president for IABC Houston, and is the founder of two podcasts — The Business Communicators and The Weekly Brew.

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