Vaccines for Doughnuts; Media Merger Talks; David Dobrik’s Downfall

In the latest spirited conversation of The Business Communicators podcast, Austin, Thomas and Hattie exchange viewpoints over US businesses that are offering free stuff to people that get vaccinated, the pros and cons of a potential media merger between The Athletic and Axios, and why social influencer David Dobrik’s scope of influence should have included him not making stupid decisions.

Free Money, Donuts and Dope: But You Have to Get Vaccinated First

Breaking news: Getting the vaccine against COVID-19 can score you some swag! Knowing the protection benefits of getting vaccinated against a dangerous virus doesn’t seem to be enough to convince some people to take the jab. So, businesses across the US are offering perks to those who receive COVID shots. But is this the right approach or is it a promotional stunt to increase revenue and publicity?

Startups Axios and The Athletic Talk Merger, Consider SPAC Deal 

Does bigger mean better? That’s what startups Axios and The Athletic seem to think. While the online news platform and sports-media outlet have done well on their own, they’re betting on scale to improve their odds of success. Each online company has its own loyal base of followers and by consolidating, the long-term plan is to bring additional digital publishers whose content draw consumers willing to pay for it and pull in premium advertisers wanting to get on the gravy train. Will subscribers climb aboard? 

David Dobrik Called Out for Sexual Misconduct, Now He’s Crying Foul

We’ve discussed the genius of social influencer David Dobrik on previous episodes of The Business Communicators. His presence on YouTube, TikTok and podcasts has built a fanbase of millions and he’s grown his estimated net worth to $20 million. The Wall Street Journal dubbed him Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon and Dobrik could do no wrong. Until now. 

Dobrik is riding a wake of multiple accusations of sexual assault against members of his VlogSquad content creation group. Though Dobrik issued a tearful apology, it doesn’t seem to be working. YouTube has demonetized his platform and he’s losing fans and sponsorships left and right. Is his 15 minutes over as fast as it started?

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