Tom Cruise and Deep Fakes; The Future of Network TV and the Digital Age

Have you seen Tom Cruise’s clips on Tik Tok? He’s golfing, performing coin magic and talking to Mikhail Gorbachev. Or is he? The Business Communicators discuss the realities of “deep fakes” and the potential ramifications they could have on world events, the stock market, and why comms pros need to be prepared to combat misinformation in the evolving digital age. Then, the podcast dissects the upcoming multi-billion-dollar NFL contracts and what it means for the future of TV networks and the way we consume digital content.

The show opens with Austin, Hattie and Thomas discussing a new Tik Tok account, @deeptomcruise, that features what seem like real videos of Cruise, that if one didn’t look deeper would believe they are the real thing. It’s both mind-blowing and baffling.  

But, Tom Cruise isn’t the only deep fake account on the internet — and that is terrifying. With software becoming increasingly sophisticated, the alarming mountain of misinformation they communicate —  and the confusion they create — could have a lasting impact on how we operate as communications professionals.

Next up, Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka once said, “If you’re not IN the parade, you WATCH the parade. That’s life. Amazon is in the parade as the frontrunner to sign a deal with the National Football League to carry a significant number of games exclusively on Thursday nights. This is a big deal for the Amazon Prime streaming service and perhaps not so good for traditional TV.  The Business Communicators discuss what the big move means financially for the future of cable network markets, the NFL, and how we consume media.

Published by Austin Staton

Travel Nerd | Baylor Grad | Comms Pro | Past President at IABC Houston | Founder of Cautious Coffee + The Business Communicators | #SeekDiscomfort

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