Amazon’s $8.5 Billion Acquisition; Florida Takes on Silicon Valley

Amazon made headlines with its massive purchase of MGM. What does this mean for the future of how we consume content? In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation that takes on Silicon Valley. But, is this an assault on private corporations and their constitutional rights? As America heads back to the office, is video calling a thing of the past, or is it something we should embrace moving forward?

Amazon Expands Media Portfolio with MGM Buy

Amazon made waves in Hollywood with their historic acquisition of MGM studios at a cost of $8.45 billion, giving their streaming services access to a huge catalogue of content. The deal will expand Amazon’s Prime Video with about 4,000 films including the James Bond franchise, and 17,000 television shows such as the Handmaid’s Tale. 

Was the buy a good move for Amazon? What will it mean for its competitors’ Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu? 

Florida Moves to Stop Censorship with New Social Media Law

Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 7072 recently that “guarantees protection for Floridians against the Silicon Valley elites.” The bill restricts how large social apps and websites can moderate users’ content, and will allow users to sue if they believe they were banned without sufficient reason.

Tech industry giants Amazon, Google, Intel, Samsung, Facebook and others are suing Floridasaying the bill is a violation of private companies’ constitutional rights. 

Tech and Florida have come out swinging. Who’s going to win this one? 

Do I Need to Turn My Camera On During A Video Call?

Video conference calls have become the new normal. Video conference fatigue is also a real thing according to Stanford University research. Can companies gradually transitioning back to the workplace be a possible solution for eliminating the exhaustion people are feeling from virtual meetings? 

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