Crisis in Texas; Australia takes on Facebook; Life’s Simple Joy

Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded on Friday, Feb. 19. Axios reported late on Monday, Feb. 22, that Facebook “had struck a deal with Australian lawmakers to pay local publishers for their news content. The agreement ends Facebook’s temporary ban on sharing news links on its platform in the country.” 

Pinch-hitting for Hattie Horn this week, Dan Gold, an award-winning global MarComs strategist hailing from Canada, joins Austin Staton and Thomas Baen to dissect the crisis in Texas, and how Texans could have benefitted from effective crisis management. The Business Communicators offer their insights for a crisis comms playbook and give key takeaways that businesses can use to equip their teams in the event of a crisis.

Then, Facebook has taken a drastic approach in Australia to ban all news stories from its site, after a long-running battle over who should pay for news online. Rather than pay media companies in return for linking to their stories, as a forthcoming Australian law would require, the company opted to block all such links on its platform. What does this mean for free speech and access to information in Australia? Will it have longer-lasting implications globally?

The show closes with a new segment that focuses on writing prompts and extemporaneous speaking. This week’s: “Name something simple that brings you joy.” To our listeners: We want to hear from you. Tell us on social media what things in life bring you joy. We’ll share the best responses on next week’s episode of the podcast.

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