Astroworld and Crisis Comms

Following the initial recording of this episode of The Business Communicators, tragedy struck in Houston hours later on Friday, Nov. 5, as eight people died at Grammy-nominated artist Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in a mass casualty event. Austin and Thomas open the podcast by discussing what went wrong and how the crisis response was botched by event promoters.

Then, the show breaks down Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, handling of his first media interview following his COVID-19 diagnosis. Hint: It did not go well. Find out why Rodgers exclusive interview with The Pat McAfee Show backfired and what communications professionals and business leaders can learn from “friendly” conversations with the media.

The podcast closes with election talk – and why polling data is becoming increasingly unreliable.

Music Credit: Smoke (with Lostboycrow) – Feather 

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Published by Austin Staton

Travel Nerd | Baylor Grad | Comms Pro | Past President at IABC Houston | Founder of Cautious Coffee + The Business Communicators | #SeekDiscomfort

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